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Adrian Miles

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- Tall, dark and handsome, minus the dark and handsome

- Thinks shaving his head hides the fact that he's going bald

- Finds his T-shirts in the 'used and abused' section

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Brian Hillson

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- The 'Silver Fox' of the band

- Blames the government for getting old

- Will undoubtedly steal your glass of red wine

- "It's still 1985, right?"

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Chris (Cod) Morley

- Named after a fish

- Plays guitar as a hobby when he's not on holiday

- Science's closest experiment to turning humans into cyborgs

- Blames arthritis for hitting bum notes

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Josh Taylor

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- Only allowed to join the band to bring the average age down

- Plays bass because, well, someone has to...

- Blames ADHD for being a d**khead

- Likes goats

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Mikey Cakebread

  • Instagram

- Yes that's his real surname

- Must play drums to burn off the energy from all that speed he 'doesn't take'

- Fit

- Undisputedly the second youngest in the band

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