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Unnashamedly influenced by the legends of 80's rock whilst being long past the point of being able to grow hair like them, Rizen are a high-energy rock back from Somerset, UK. With crunchy guitars, powerful driving rhythms and arena-esque vocals, Rizen look to keep rock as rock - bringing a pumped up show, great music and questionable drinking habits akin to the icons of old. Rock on!

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Origin:  Somerset, UK


Genres: New Wave of Classic Rock


Years Active:  2019 - Present

Far from doing it for the money, fame, sex or drugs, for Rizen it’s all about the rock and roll. As a result, every song and set is pumped with as much energy and charisma as one could expect from a trio of old men and their self-proclaimed ‘devilishly handsome’ younger compatriots.

Citing a wide range of influences from the likes of Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Mötley Crue, and Royal Blood, Rizen recorded 'Ex Cinere' at Tonesphere Studios, with producer and good friend Chris Threlfall.

With the release of ‘Ex Cinere’ in June 2023, the quintet of Adrian, Brian, Chris, Josh and Mikey are looking to blast their way into the UK rock scene and show the rest of the world what they're all about, whilst having a damn good time doing so. Rock on!


- Sell-out album launch show June 2023

- Numerous festival stages & local radio stations

- Support for the likes of Anchor Lane, StopStop!, Regional One and Anvil

- International following in the likes of Australia, USA & Spain

- Collective total of 0 days in rehab!


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